Starting May 6th, 2023, the Spirit Engine will be deprecated and will no longer receive updates or bug fixes. We strongly recommend that all applications currently using Spirit switch to our new Leaf Engine. Please note that any issues or bugs found in Spirit will no longer be addressed. While you may still download the Spirit Engine, we strongly encourage you to choose the Leaf Engine over Spirit. Check out Leaf Engine

Straight Forward

No HLSL code needs to be written, nor does any DirectX rendering code.

Help on Discord

In our Discord server, when you have the "Spirit" role, you can access the Spirit Engine category and access the help forums.

DirectX Powered

Spirit is powered by the DirectX graphics API.
DirectX is the graphics technology powering all of today's hottest games.

File Format Support

Spirit uses DirectXMesh for Mesh loading and SndFile for WAV loading.

3D Audio

Spatial Audio with the well known and used OpenAL library.

Language Bindings

You can use Spirit in C# and any Wrappers that we know exist!
Do you want to add a binding?
Contact us!

Bullet Physics

Spirit uses the very realistic Bullet physics engine.

Documentation can be found here

Want to see what's coming to Spirit? Check our Roadmap!

You can download the latest stable release here

Changelog for Version 1.1